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Science Fair Mentors

By December 4, 2023No Comments

As the time approaches for students in grades 3-8 to begin their preparations for the Science Fair, I reflect on the role that community partnerships can play in enriching this experience for them.

Each year, our students delve into the world of inquiry, selecting a topic that sparks their curiosity and applying the scientific method to discover more about that topic. From framing a question to formulating a hypothesis, designing and conducting an experiment, to collecting and analyzing data, our students immerse themselves in each step with the intention to discover something. The culmination of their hard work and creativity is displayed at ASM’s Science Fair, an event that showcases their findings and celebrates their journey of learning and growth.

In past years, we were fortunate to have community members with backgrounds in science and technology to serve as Science Fair judges for the 6 – 8 grade students. Their involvement was invaluable as they brought insightful perspectives that, if integrated earlier in the project’s lifecycle, could significantly benefit the students’ research and development process.

In combination with teacher guidance, we believe that the addition of one-on-one mentorship could enhance the quality and educational value of our students’ projects. With real life expertise, mentors can help provide practical applications, constructive feedback, and inspire innovative thinking. That being said, we are seeking community members willing to take on a mentor role with our middle school students. Your knowledge, experience, and passion could be helpful in guiding students to a deeper understanding of the scientific inquiry process