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As an accredited Montessori school, ASM is in a niche market when seeking qualified and certified Montessori faculty. Our founding families recognized this unique need and established an endowment to support our recruitment and retention efforts.

Founders’ Fund Purpose

Provide the opportunity to recruit and retain exceptional teachers

Fund materials and expenses for one-time teaching projects

Provide quality Montessori certification training

The Founders’ Fund for Teaching Excellence was established to ensure that all of ASM’s faculty and staff have the opportunity for continued professional development including Montessori certification, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion focused training, comprehensive leadership development, participation in highly valuable Montessori conferences, and more. This investment in continued professional development for ASM faculty and staff provides the necessary resources to ensure an authentic Montessori education for ASM students and helps ASM retain high-quality teachers.

For five decades we have proudly offered an innovative educational program that is timeless. Now, through the Founders’ Fund for Teaching Excellence, you have the unique opportunity to leave a lasting legacy and support ongoing professional development for our dedicated faculty and staff, who continue to make a profound impact on students’ lives today, tomorrow, and generations to come.

Fund Facts

Starting in 2026, when the Founders’ Fund for Teaching Excellence is 100% funded, ASM will be able to utilize annual dividends to provide the opportunity to ASM Faculty and Staff to continue excelling and pushing the be the best for ASM students and families. ASM faculty and staff will have opportunities to grow and thrive for years to come







Represents the opportunity of Montessori Certification for one faculty member

Represents one years worth of ASMs annual appreciation gifts for faculty and staff

Represents 30 Faculty and Staff the opportunity to participate in the American Montessori Society’s twelve-week Anti-bias, Antiracist (ABAR) Certificate Program

 Represents the opportunity to send all Faculty and Staff to the American Montessori Society’s three-day conference to engage and learn from colleagues from around the worl

Represents 20 Faculty and Staff having the opportunity to participate in the American Montessori Society’s year-long Emerging Leaders Fellowship program

Represents investing in every aspect of faculty and staff development from Montessori certification and/or leadership training to DEI-focused certification

Progress to Date

With a generous initial donation of $100,000 from the visionary founders of our school, we have embarked on a journey to raise $1,500,000 in funds, creating a lasting legacy that will benefit teachers and students in the present and for the years to come.

Faculty Testimonials

Montessori Certification not only developed my understanding of Maria Montessori but also the amazing Montessori materials. Before my training I was inspired, afterward, I was in awe of what Maria Montessori created as I had realized the magnitude of this method of education.

Susan Burns, Kindergarten teacher at ASM

Sarah Young, Director of Elementary and
Middle School at ASM

Montessori Certification helped me gain a unique set of skills and insights that have undoubtedly benefited myself as an educator as well as my students. Montessori training emphasizes valuable skills in observation, assessment, and curriculum development, allowing me to better tailor my instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. This approach has supported me in developing a more personalized and effective teaching style, allowing me to engage my students in a more meaningful way. My Montessori training has also supported the students in my classroom through the implementation of Montessori pedagogy. Students have become more engaged and self-motivated, taking ownership of their learning and developing a love for exploration and discovery. Overall, the Montessori training program has helped me become a more effective and knowledgeable educator which has translated into student success and personal growth.

How You Can Help

  • Participate in our upcoming fundraising events supporting the Founders’ Fund for Teaching Excellence
  • Submit a monetary gift to the Founders’ Fund for Teaching Excellence and give our faculty and staff the opportunity to grow and thrive impacting students for generations to come.

To Donate

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