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A True Visionary

Maria Montessori was a true visionary. She was one of the first female physicians in Italy, a scientist and educator. Dr. Montessori developed her educational philosophy based upon her observations of children. She aptly named her school “Casa de Bambini” (Children’s House) and created a learning environment that was based entirely upon the developmental needs of the child.

Maria innovated a specially-designed classroom which was the first to include child-sized furniture and classroom materials placed at the eye-level of a child. She had great respect for the capacity of the young child’s mind and created an environment in which children could freely explore and quench their curiosity. This concept is referred to as “child-centered”.

Click here to visit the American Montessori Society website and learn more about Maria Montessori.

Our Focus is the Child

Traditional models of education place the teacher at the center of the classroom. The focus of our classrooms is the child and learning is individualized. Students take responsibility for their learning, become independent, and are creative in their work. Students are encouraged to follow their interests, a key indicator in students’ enjoying school and becoming life-long learners.

ASM’s educational model spans grades pre-k to eight. Our classrooms combine children of multiple ages; therefore we see leadership and mentoring skills develop in our students as they progress through their educational continuum.

Our Montessori environment is intentionally peaceful and provides children with opportunities to practice skills that will help them navigate social situations with grace. Students can be heard encouraging their peers and offering to lend a helping hand. Children are greeted each day with a handshake from the head of school and their teachers. Each individual child is important to us! We see our children as more than students and are committed to helping them grow as respectful and well-balanced individuals who learn to see the world beyond themselves.

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