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ASM alumna Jasmine Meade

“Like in a flower garden, I was just one of the many seeds planted in the ASM Children’s House, and I was lucky enough to have grown in the garden of our community for eleven years. Unlike in some schools, where a child falling behind may begin to wilt, Andover School of Montessori truly takes pride in their garden, tending to each seedling with as much attention and care as it could desire, with water in the form of peace and sunlight in the form of empathy. In my transition to high school, I was not only able to excel in various honors level courses, but I’ve formed countless new relationships along the way.”

~ Jasmine Meade, Class of 2014

“When I attended ASM, I had no idea why we learned the way we learned. I wasn’t sure why I had the responsibility of picking what we worked on or where we sat. Now looking back from a high school perspective, I realize that ASM gave me the skill to organize and take responsibility for my work. I was also given the opportunity to find activities that I could pursue. I was able to create a profile for myself, and when it came time to apply for high school, I was a well rounded student in art, athletics and academics. Community service also played a large part in preparing me for high school. It showed that I cared about my community and I enjoyed helping others.”

~ Isabella Kochakian, Class of 2014

I credit the mentoring program and incredible teachers at ASM with my love of early childhood education. I am also appreciative that every teacher at ASM took the time to get to know me as an individual, and the skills I learned at ASM really set the foundation for a love of learning, and for a successful future, both educationally and professionally

~ Elyse Chase, Class of 2003

“ASM’s Integrated Arts program fueled my passion for art and music. It opened my eyes to new techniques and opportunities to expand my learning in high school. ASM also helped me refine my time management skills! ”

~ Cheng Zhuang, Class of 2021


I can’t say enough about how great ASM is. Since starting just this year, we’ve seen huge changes in both of our kids (3rd grade and Kindergarten). The approach to learning is so natural. Everything is hands on, and the kids are so engaged. There is a strong love of learning and curiosity in everything they do. My kids are so excited to go to school every day. They’ve made such good friends, and everyone is so kind and so inclusive. What stands out to me more than just the academics, is that they are learning to be such great people. The school focuses so much on building character and confidence and sense of self, and it’s so apparent in the changes I see in my kids every day. They’ve become more articulate, and confident, and so much better at navigating themselves and their places in the world. The school also provides so many opportunities for families to be involved. It is truly a collaborative community, where we are known and seen. We have so many chances to interact with the teachers and staff, and communication across the board is very strong. We always know that our kids are taken care of and loved and someone is looking out for them all day long. The kids have have formed close bonds not only with classmates, but also teachers and staff, and my husband and I have been so warmly welcomed by staff, teachers, and other parents as well. This has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made, and I only wish we had made the switch sooner.

~ Chrystal Som, Kindergarten and Lower Elementary parent

“Our son Brendan attended ASM from Kindergarten through Middle School. By spending 9 years at the same school teachers and faculty got to know Brendan from age 5 to 14 and vice versa. He didn’t have to worry about starting over, but could build upon the previous years’ relationships and learning opportunities. This led to a sense of belonging and being known, which in turn developed a high level of  self-confidence. ASM also instilled and fostered in Brendan a love of learning.  To this day, as he attends St. Johns Prep, we can see that confidence and love of learning, the seeds that ASM planted.  We are so thankful that Brendan was able to attend ASM for his entire elementary and middle school years.”

~ Ken Feyl, parent of 2018 alumnus

“My daughter left ASM a keen learner who knows herself very well and is able to engage with children and adults. She can also positively advocate when appropriate.”

~ Patty Kelly, parent of 2018 alumna

“My son is a well-adjusted, confident and well prepared student as a freshman at Andover High School thanks to ASM. I can’t thank the staff and school enough for his wonderful transformation.”

~ Colleen Summers, parent of  2017 alumnus

“My daughter’s Montessori education has helped mold her into the strong and independent thinker she is today. She also has great organizational skills she learned in Upper Elementary and Middle school. It is absolutely true that they do not teach you that kind of stuff in public school.  I can say that with the Montessori values encouraged throughout life, it has made my children and our family as a whole, better people. I am proud of the person my daughter has become.”

~ Kelley Meade, parent of 2014 alumna and 2019 alumnus

“My children left ASM confident and were both comfortable speaking in front of an audience and making coherent cases for their views. ASM’s participation in and its preparation for Montessori Model UN is the transformational reason for that. Other kids get their chance at a similar experience later in high school, but it is is a real asset to have when applying to ninth grade.”

~ Carolyn Kedersha, parent of 2010 alumnus and 2017 alumna


“ASM gave me the opportunity to continue my professional development as an educator in a small and tight-knit community. I enjoy working with the Upper Elementary students and appreciate how helpful and supportive my colleagues are. ”

~ Bill Sisk, Upper Elementary

“I chose to teach at a Montessori school because it more aligns with my philosophy of teaching. It allows for more project based learning, inquiry, hands-on activities and room for innovation. This allows the future generations to gain the critical thinking skills they need to be successful members of society. Another reason is because of the multi-aged groups. I like how the older kids can practice being leaders and role-models for the younger students. ”

~ Richelle Records, Middle School

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