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As the summer break approaches, I find myself filled with gratitude reflecting on another wonderful year with our students. Each day, greeting the children at the front door has been a highlight for me, offering a precious moment to connect with each of them, making it a delightful way to start the day. Whether they greeted me shyly or with exuberant hellos, starting my day in their company always set a positive tone.

Despite the joy these daily interactions bring, I understand and share the excitement from a parent’s perspective about taking a break from the routine. For some of you, the coming months mean no early mornings, no packing lunches, and no decisions over what to wear. It’s a time to relax and spend quality time with family and friends and discover new places with your children. Personally, when my children were younger, I always cherished the summer break for its opportunities for beach trips, late night camp fires, sleep overs and simply letting my kids unwind and explore at home without adhering to a daily routine. Just as I have treasured these moments, I look forward to hearing about the memorable times your family will enjoy. If you are traveling, I would love to see photos. Please encourage your children to keep a journal so they can share their adventures when they return to school.

On another note, I am proud to announce that we have nearly reached our goal of $70K for our Annual Fund. Our community’s generosity has been overwhelming, and I am deeply grateful for the support we have received this year. We have until June 30 to meet this goal. Reflect on all that ASM offers your children. A portion of the funds raised through the Annual Fund goes towards enriching our programs for all students. We are just $5K short of our goal, and it would be a remarkable testament to our community’s spirit if we could achieve this together. Join me in making this a reality.

I wish you all the best this summer, and though I will miss our daily greetings, I am excited for our children to enjoy their well deserved break.