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Montessori Model United Nations

By March 28, 2024No Comments

Last week, Andover School of Montessori middle school students participated in a three-day Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) conference in New York City, stepping outside their comfort zones to debate global issues such as rights of indigenous peoples, inclusive and sustainable food systems, occupied territories of Ukraine, environmental challenges, disaster risk reduction, and desertification in countries experiencing severe drought. Preparing for the conference, students adopted roles as delegates representing different countries, immersing themselves in alternative national perspectives to devise solutions. At the conference, they presented their viewpoints, engaged in discussions, and ultimately reached consensus on resolutions. This involved adhering to the UN’s formal protocols through multiple meetings. The conference highlight was the General Assembly session at the United Nations, where they listened to resolutions on the researched topics. ASM students were reminded of the General Assembly’s role as a global forum for problem-solving. The experience was incredibly enriching, as reflected in the students’ testimonials about their journey.

 “During MMUN, I learned about various problems in the world, the stances of different countries on them, what countries have done in the past to solve the problems, and other delegates’ creative solutions to the problems. This trip has taught me a lot about myself, and through it, I have discovered an interest in research, meeting new people, and debating.” Sreekar Inturi

 “I think the most interesting part of the committee meetings was when others shared their opinions and people built upon them. It was very interesting to see how others’ minds worked and processed information.” Audrey Haas-Timm

“I learned that being a changemaker takes lots of different characteristics. For example, it takes leadership, but that leadership needs to be balanced with an open mind and willingness to listen to others.” Nishi Amin

“In reflecting on my experience, I have learned that I am capable of adapting to new challenges and situations. Through my participation in MMUN, I discovered a passion for global issues and the impact individuals can have on creating positive change in the world. This experience has taught me the importance of collaboration, critical thinking, and effective communication skills in addressing complex international problems.” Tilly Adams

Montessori Model United Nations provides an invaluable experience, enhancing ASM students’ academic and social development. Engaging in this program allows students to strengthen their research skills, collaborate effectively with others, and engage in critical analysis of complex issues. It encourages patience and openness in understanding diverse perspectives, thereby enriching their appreciation of cultural diversity and the interconnectedness of our global community. Participating in MMUN serves not just as an education on the workings of the United Nations, but also fosters the foundational Montessori tenets of peace and global citizenship, instilling in students the qualities needed to effect positive change in the world.