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Portrait of a Graduate Night

By January 25, 2024February 5th, 2024No Comments

Parents often inquire about how our middle school students adapt to high school, questioning the ways in which Andover School of Montessori equips them for future academic endeavors. ASM’s middle school is dedicated to fostering critical thinkers who can analyze complex texts, solve advanced math problems, and challenge each other’s thinking, utilizing their sharpening analytical skills. Our students engage in long-term projects that enhance their executive function skills, and they are consistently given many opportunities to work collaboratively on projects that hone their reasoning skills. Often, we see that these collaborative experiences lead to a deeper level of learning. Students become inclined to take risks and enhance their communication abilities as they strive to convey their ideas in an impactful and clear manner.

The strong bonds our students form with teachers empower them to develop self-advocacy skills, preparing them to communicate their needs and address issues confidently. Most importantly, our students develop the self-assurance needed to navigate diverse social environments and embrace higher level learning in high school.

To understand the true impact of an ASM education, I encourage you to attend our Portrait of a Graduate event on February 7 at 7:00 p.m. You’ll hear directly from our alumni about how their education shaped them, their readiness for high school, their social experiences, and much more. I hope to see you at this event! RSVP today!

Our panel will include the following alumni: