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Science Fair

By February 9, 2024No Comments

This year, ASM students from grades 3 to 8 engaged in science fair projects that immersed them in the scientific method. Each student selected a topic they were passionate about, posed a relevant question, and embarked on a journey of discovery. They conducted research, formulated hypotheses, designed and executed experiments, gathered and evaluated data, and drew conclusions based on their observations and data. This experience not only honed their critical thinking, research, and problem-solving abilities but also enhanced their organizational skills, a vital aspect considering the project’s span over several months, layered with interim due dates. With each science fair participation, students appreciate more deeply the scientific method’s relevance in numerous daily activities. For instance, in robotics, students confront a challenge, devise solutions, test their ideas, observe outcomes, make conclusions, and refine their approach based on the data gathered.

Although the scientific method is well-known to our older students, our younger learners haven’t received formal instruction in it yet. However, their activities are deeply rooted in experimentation and discovery. Take, for example, children’s work with the Pink Tower, where they intuitively learn through trial and error that stability requires placing larger blocks beneath the smaller ones. This is a basic yet effective form of experimentation. Such experiences play a crucial role in developing a child’s critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills, thereby preparing them for future challenges in elementary and middle school.

Here is a sampling of the inquiries our students pursued for their science fair projects.

  • Are you able to identify the source of sound while blindfolded?
  • How does de-icing road salt affect the growth of plants?
  • Can you distinguish between the writing produced by artificial intelligence and that created by humans?

This is a wonderful opportunity to listen to our students as they present their projects and share their experiences with the scientific method, the joy they found in their project topics, and the satisfaction they’ve gained from their achievements.