#TrailblazerTuesday: Every month we’ll be highlighting a different faculty or staff member at ASM!


January 10, 2023

This week is Ms. Jennifer Miller! Jennifer holds a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education from Northern Vermont University and an M. Ed. through Gordon College. She completed her Montessori training through Northeast Montessori Institute. Jennifer most recently taught Kindergarten at Barton Academy and Graded School in her home-state, Vermont! This is Ms. Miller’s 4th year at ASM. She started as an assistant teacher, completed her Montessori training and has been a lead teacher for 2 years.

Ms. Miller shared the following about herself:

What are you passionate about?
“I am passionate about maintaining a healthy, balanced, and fun lifestyle. I enjoy eating yummy foods, practicing yoga and barre, relaxing on the beach, and exploring new places with friends and family.”

What is your favorite thing about working at ASM?
“My favorite thing about ASM is the tight-knit community. I love working at a school where everyone knows each other. Being a part of ASM is like being a part of a big family!”

Why did you choose to work at a Montessori school?
“After teaching Kindergarten in a public school setting, I decided I wanted to explore other ways of teaching young children. When observing students at ASM, I knew that the Montessori philosophy aligned with my core values as a teacher. I believe in promoting independence, following the child, individualized learning, and a concrete, hands-on curriculum. I also love getting to know children and their families throughout the three-year cycle; one year is not enough!”

What’s one fun fact you’re willing to share?
“One fun fact about me is that even though I did not attend a Montessori school as a child, I did grow up on a farm where I learned many of the same principles Montessori schools offer!”

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