Summer Program 2022

Summer Program 2022 Theme Descriptions 

June 21-June 24:  “Yoga, Mindfulness and Peace Education” 

Children will practice and build body awareness, self-regulation, strength and flexibility through a week of yoga, mindfulness, and peace education. Children will make glitter jars, learn calming breath work, and practice their yoga poses under the sun!

June 27-July 1:  “A Bug’s Life”

Ladybugs, butterflies, and honey bees oh my! Children will have fun building bug houses outside, playing bug bingo, and creating their own, favorite make-belief bug! 

July 5-8:  “Authors and Illustrators” 

Famous children’s authors who also illustrated their own books will be the highlight of this week. Activities will connect students to the content and illustrations from books by Yangsook Choi, Beattrix Potter, Eric Carle and Marcus Pfister.

July 11-15: “Woodland Animals” 

Children will have fun exploring, in depth, a different woodland animal each day. Children will learn to recognize individual foot prints, habitats, and unique characteristics with fun theme-based games, crafts and activities.

July 18-22: “Seashore”

Children will learn about the elements that bring our seashores to life! Through theme-based activities, children will explore tide pools, seaweed, crustaceans, fish, and more!  

July 25-29: “Eric Carle”

Children will spend the week exploringThe famous author and illustrator Eric Carle. The children will enjoy his bright collage images and imaginative stories tieing into nature. We will enjoy reading his books, playing themed based games and art activities daily.

August 1-5: “Ocean Layers”

Each day this week, children will learn about the various layers of the ocean. From coral reefs to ocean animals to water temperature, children will enjoy exploring the ocean through theme-based activities, crafts and activities.

August 8-12: “ASM Arboretum

Children will explore the ASM landscape identifying different trees and tagging them. Leaf and seed collection will lead to different creative projects and the week will culminate with students adding a new seedling to the ASM Arboretum!

August 15-19: “Backyard Birds”

Children will learn about the birds they can encounter in their backyard. Campers will install and make houses and other feeders to allow campers to get a closer look at the feathered friends visiting ASM. 

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