COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols for 2021-2022


We are committed to providing a safe, in-person, learning environment for faculty, staff and students. Our COVID mitigation protocols are listed below and were updated April 13. These policies are designed to help mitigate transmission and may change at any time given our dynamic climate. Protocols related to PACE (Parents’ Association Community Effort) sponsored events will be determined as events are planned and communicated to the ASM community in a timely manner.

Arrival and Dismissal

Elementary and Middle School students enter the building through the main entrance and are greeted by an administrator.

Beginning March 21, Children’s House students may enter through the main entrance. An administrator will greet the students in the Visitor Center and guide them towards their teachers who will be waiting outside the classrooms.

All students are dismissed through their classroom’s exterior door.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Our Facilities Manager will no longer disinfect the classroom and office furnishings and materials each morning.

Classroom teachers, staff members, and our cleaning company will continue to disinfect and clean furnishings and materials as they normally do.

All community members will continue to practice safe hygiene habits such as hand washing, hand sanitizing, and coughing/sneezing into the elbow.


The LE and UE/MS may now join each other outside and inside the building. This means that LE, UE, and MS students can be together in the American Room for All School Meetings and similar gatherings.

At this time, CH students will continue to virtually attend the All School Meetings. The Health and Safety Task Force will revisit this protocol at a later date.


Masks will be optional for ASM students, parents, caregivers, faculty, staff and non-ASM adults (i.e., prospective families). Optional means that the decision to wear a mask is up to the individual or the student’s parents, and we expect the entire school community will respect the choices made by each individual.

This protocol change applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Contractors will be required to wear a mask while inside the building as they visit more areas of the building than most non-ASM adults.

Prospective students visiting a classroom (for Admisson Assessments) do not have to wear a mask if they have a negative COVID test result the morning of the visit.

Children’s House families that would like their children to remain masked inside the building should email their child’s teachers and our School Nurse.

We want every student, family member, and faculty/member to feel comfortable and supported in their decision to wear or not wear a mask. If families have specific questions, concerns, or accommodation requests, hey are encouraged to contcat our Head of School or School Nurse.

Depending on symptoms present, students sent to the Nurse’s office may be required to wear a mask.

We highly recommend that unvaccinated individuals and higher risk individuals continue to wear masks in school.

Please note that we fully expect there will be times when the data, whether internal or external, will tell us that it is prudent to require masking again for a time.


Playgrounds will now be open to all ASM students, after school on school days, with the following reminders: field conditions will dictate whether or not students can be on Pedini Field; non-K CH students should utilize the CH play structures only; playground rules must be adhered to; and all ASM children must be properly supervised by their parent or caregiver.


Those families who have consented to the DESE/DPH At-Home Testing Program will continue to receive their at-home testing kits to utilize on the first day of each school week, or at their discretion.

In school symptomatic testing, with consent, will continue.

When we receive information about a positive case of COVID, we will continue to follow the MA DESE/DPH updated guidelines dated March 3, 2022.


We continue to encourage all eligible community members to get vaccinated and boosted.

ASM’s current vaccination rates are as follows:

    • Non-Kindergarten CH (52 students)
      • 6 vaccinated = 11%
      • 5 fully vaccinated = 9%
    • Kindergarten (24 students)
      • 19 vaccinated = 79%
      • 18 fully vaccinated = 75%
    • CH & K (76 students)
      • 25 vaccinated = 32.8%
      • 23 fully vaccinated = 30%
    • LE (47 students)
      • 39 vaccinated = 82.9%
      • 37 fully vaccinated = 78.7%
    • UE (26 students)
      • 23 vaccinated = 88.4%
      • 22 fully vaccinated = 84.6%
    • MS (10 students)
      • 8 students fully vaccinated and boosted = 80%


Each classroom and office has their own HVAC unit, thus isolating and circulating air through a contained space. The filters will be upgraded prior to the start of school, being replaced with filters that eliminate airborne bacteria and germs.


Non-ASM families, with the excetion of contractors, are required to wear a mask in the building.

Prospective students visiting a classroom (for Admisson Assessments) do not have to wear a mask if they have a negative COVID test result the morning of the visit.

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