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Chewonki Outdoor Classroom

By September 23, 2021April 24th, 2023No Comments

Last week, ASM’s middle school students, Mrs. Records, and Mrs. Mosby spent four days and three nights at Chewonki Outdoor Classroom in Wiscasset, Maine. The purpose of this Middle School tradition is to build independence, confidence, and camaraderie while experiencing nature’s calming environment and all that it has to offer.

With electronics and families left behind, campers participated in estuary and sustainable farming studies, hiked, and put their orienteering skills to the test! Upon reflecting on their Chewonki expedition, students shared their unanimous appreciation for all they had learned:

“I learned that I am able to trust my classmates and rely on them when I need help…I also learned that I can make good pasta sauce.”

“I learned that through hard work and communication, a team can accomplish everything, such as hauling a water jug for a mile.”

“I think this trip was important for me to leave my comfort zone, especially in the outdoors. I am normally quite hesitant to do such hands-on things outdoors and cook with a fire, but I learned to become comfortable with those things!”

“I discovered that I am able to help others so much more than I realize. It is important that I learned this because it helped me be more confident in myself.”

“I really enjoyed the views and being able to sit by the bay and just clear my mind.”

Middle School students will take these memories along with them as they enter adulthood, and younger students have this beautiful tradition to look forward to!