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A Shared Community

By August 12, 2021April 24th, 2023No Comments

While the ASM Head of School Search Committee interviewed me to determine if I was the right match for my new position, I was also reading, observing, and listening to determine if ASM was the right fit for me too.

My passion for Montessori education, the dedication of the ASM faculty and staff, and even the proximity of the school to my home drew me to be on this campus every day, consistently working toward our mission of providing Innovative Learning In a Dynamic World.

What sold me, however, was the sense of community that was revealed to me at every turn. Although virtual throughout the experience, I could feel it through the many meetings with various constituent groups. In reading through ASM’s Vision and Core Values, I was especially drawn to:

  • ASM will inspire future leaders to connect with and positively impact local and global communities throughout their lives;
  • Inspiring students to persevere through challenges individually and collaboratively;
  • Teaching students to appreciate one’s self, the community, and the environment.
  • Modeling and fostering integrity and civility; and
  • Embracing peace, challenging prejudice, and respecting diversity.

These values are at the core of living together and caring for each other as human beings belonging to a shared community.

As we begin a new school year with new students, families, and faculty, I ask that each of us reflect on our responsibilities to each other, on how much we rely on each other, and how we can model positivity, perseverance, and respect through challenging times.